Saturday, March 20, 2010

Data Mining Software | DataDetective

 DataDetective is a powerful data mining software developed by Santient Information Systems. It uses data mining techniques for exploring patterns and carrying out analysis, prediction, clustering, network analysis any so on. It uses fuzzy matching to establish relationships between data. It is easy to use and even novice users can use it. It is powerful, fast and flexible. It provide user with easy to use user interfaces to interact. Its flexible data interface allows complex data structures and has integrated ETL for data processing. It has been used by the Dutch police to analyze crime databases using data mining.


Zahra Imanian said...

i was searching about DM softwares and fortunately found ur blog which is really good.
do u know how can i find software guides, i mean a self instructor, to learn how to work with some of these softwares.
i hope u will reply me( in few days to know whethear u have any information or not.

sorry for this long msg
tnk u much

Anonymous said...

Very Good tool.
A link to a collection of Tutorials and videos on Data mining.

Carly Fiorina said...

Hi friends,

DataDetective is a data mining platform developed by Sentient Information Systems. Since 1992, this software is being applied in organizations that have the need for retrieving patterns and relations in their typically large databases. Thanks a lot....

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