Saturday, March 20, 2010

Data Mining Software | DataDetective

 DataDetective is a powerful data mining software developed by Santient Information Systems. It uses data mining techniques for exploring patterns and carrying out analysis, prediction, clustering, network analysis any so on. It uses fuzzy matching to establish relationships between data. It is easy to use and even novice users can use it. It is powerful, fast and flexible. It provide user with easy to use user interfaces to interact. Its flexible data interface allows complex data structures and has integrated ETL for data processing. It has been used by the Dutch police to analyze crime databases using data mining.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Data Mining Software | Darwin

Darwin is a data mining software which is now part of Oracle. It employs various data mining techniques like  classification, neural networks, genetic algorithms and regression. It follows a client-server architecture with  the client can be be working on both the Windows and Unix platform. It is capable of getting data from a wide range of sources.

Data Mining Software | AgentBase or Marketeer

AgentBase or Marketeer is the data mining software that uses the intelligent agent technology for its operation. Its wizards provides an easy to use guide for users to carry out the various stages of data mining with ease. AgentBase/Marketeer is primarily aimed at marketing applications. It uses a number of powerful data mining techniques and can run on Windows 95/NT and Solaris OS. It can get data from many sources for its operations.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Data Mining Software | Rap Analyst

Rap Analyst is the BI application developed by Raptor Analytics. It is used for various purposes like data mining, data analysis and develop predictive models. It uses advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques  like neural networks, genetic algorithms and SOM which enables it to deliver high accuracy in its modeling and predictions. It's knowledge filter enables user to visualize an optimized view of the training data.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Data Mining Software | SPAD

SPAD is the data mining software developed by a leading European data analysis company called Coheris SPAD. It offers exploratory and predictive analysis of data as well as text mining and data mining capabilities. It comes with a user friendly interface and can display results in graphical mode. It provides transformation of models into decision rules. It enables users to get to better decisions in a wide range of fields like sales, marketing, risk management and so on.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Data Mining Software | Data Mite

DataMite is a data extraction tool that provides users to easily import and extract data from various sources without having any programming knowledge. It offers data extraction from a large number of sources like MS Access, MS Word, PDF, spreadsheets, Dbase, HTML, XML, Text files and many others. It allows to build queries visually without the knowledge of any SQL syntax and offers reporting capabilities.

Data Mining Software| Alice Software - Alice d'ISoft

Alice d'ISoft is a data mining software that is used in many areas like marketing, classification, segmentation, fraud detection, risk analysis, quality control and health sectors. It uses business knowledge in analysis unlike other software. It offers ease of use and interactivity for building models and analyzing them to its users. It also provides fast processing of huge amount of data. Its report generator generates reports readable in a wide range of applications. It provides users with 2D and 3D charts for visualization of analysis results.

Data Mining Software | Data Engine

Data Engine provides strong data analysis capabilities through powerful techniques like neural networks and fuzzy models. It also offers signal processing, data mining and advanced statistical analysis. Data Engine has been successfully used in various areas like analysis, marketing, diagnosis and forecasting. It can easily integrated with other solutions and offers flexible options for data transfer through its interfaces.It supports 2D and 3D charts for visualizing the results of analysis in a meaningful way.