Monday, September 28, 2009

Data mining Software | SPSS Clementine

SPSS Clementine is a popular data mining software introduced by SPSS Inc. It is powerful toolkit which can be used by users to carry out data mining without the help of experts. It's user friendly GUI makes it easy for use. Clementine is used by a large number of organizations for a wide range of data mining activities like customer segmentation, detection of fraudulent transactions, forecasting and so on. It is renamed as PASW Modeler on April, 2009 by SPSS Inc.


Chad said...

Clementine was acquired by SPSS in the mid- to late 90s, a product of dr. Ross Quinlan correct me if I'm wrong

Carly Fiorina said...

Hello all,

SPSS Clementine is a mature data mining toolkit which aims to allow domain experts to do their own data mining. It has a visual programming or data flow interface, which simplifies the data mining process. Thanks for sharing it....

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